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June 30 - July 5, 2003
Click to enlarge After many months of anticipation, our trip is under way.


6/28 Drive to Missoula.

6/29 Hang out with our buds, Tinalynne and Michael, who have recently moved to Missoula from Massachusetts.

(left to right) Michael, Tinalynne, Jennifer (Michael's sister) and of course Timmy.

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Click to enlarge 6/30 Drive to Yellowstone.

WE MADE IT!!!  After driving from Seattle to Missoula, and from Missoula to Yellowstone's north entrance, we are finally here.

Click to enlarge 7/1 Circle of Fire tour.

All day tour of the lower loop.  We visited Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Hayden Valley, West Thumb, Old Faithful, Madison Basin, Norris Basin, and Virginia Cascade. 

This is our tour guide Kevin.  He was awesome!  Count yourself lucky if you get Kevin to lead you around the park.

Click to enlarge 7/2 Roosevelt Country, Mammoth Hot Springs village, and Cowboy Cookout.

This is Mount Washburn with a fire lookout shack on the top.

Click to enlarge 7/3 Hayden Valley, Yellowstone Lake cruise, Natural Bridge hike, more wildlife at Hayden Valley.

See the sleeping giant?  The top edge of the mountain range forms his profile: feet to the left, head to the right.

Taken from Yellowstone Lake Lodge across Yellowstone Lake.

Click to enlarge 7/4 Roosevelt Lamar Valley, Mammoth Hot Springs, Old Faithful.
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7/5 Drive to Missoula.

7/6 Drive to Seattle. 

7/7 Recover.




Yellowstone Lake Lodge
Click to enlarge This is a really beautiful colonial building.  There is nothing else like it in the park, because the rest of the structures follow the philosophy of blending in with the environment and using natural materials.

The food in the restaurant here was FANTASTIC.

Click to enlarge This pale yellow sure is easy on the eyes. We were originally scheduled to stay here, but we switched to the Canyon Village cabin, which was great.  


Old Faithful
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
Thermal Features


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