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A little out of focus, but still, what a silhouette!
Okay, this is pathetic, but we put this picture in here to show you the part of the river where we watched a bison swim.  Off to the left, in the narrow part.  He swam from the far side to the near side.  Trust us.  It happened.
Buncha bison on the road causing early morning traffic jam!

Man, when these guys started jogging, I suddenly believed that sheet of paper that warned that they can run 30 miles per hour.

With their winter fur flaking off, they look so disreputable and filthy.


We drove thru Mammoth Hot Springs, where the park has its headquarters and lots of pretty, old buildings, and there were elk mommies and young hanging out in shady spots all over the lawn.
They look like Sam, our Golden Retriever, hanging out in the yard, except none was chewing on a bone.
"Hey, a little privacy here, okay?!"
They curl up like puppies.  Sort of deceptively cute and placid, but all the signs warn that they are WILD and UNPREDICTABLE!
Once they decide to head across the street, all traffic stops.

The one eating grass is a young male, as indicated by the antler-ettes.  (Karen made that word up. Someone should call Webster and get the word adopted.)

Karen thought these were Mule Deer but the ranger said mule deer have comical oversized ears and black chevrons at the end of their tails.

We're not in Mammoth Hot Springs anymore.
"Why are all these people staring at me?  I'm so shy."
"Better take a load off.  My hooves are killing me."


See the fish?  Look closely at the center of the picture for the dark outline of fishy bodies almost parallel to the large lighter rectangular rock at the bottom of the photo.

You should see at least 2 Cutthroat Trout.  They are resting in the calm pool along the edge before continuing to jump their way up the rapids to spawn.

Those little guys must jump over this rapid in order to spawn.

Spawning must be a lot of fun because they go through a lot to get there.

Not a good photo, but interesting enough.  Can you identify the animal?  Karen took this picture.




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