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About the Ross Ranch

Lou and Carol Ross


Ross Ranch Who are we?

Why do we run this web site?

Here is our life on display for your amusement. If you like pictures, well, you've come to the right place. On this web site is our ever expanding photo album of our life.
Getaways VacationsYou'll find photos of our vacations, getaways, parties, dogs, house, and interests. We document our photos with humorous commentary.  At least we think they are funny.
We have an annual Super Bowl party.  It must be a good one because some people fly in just for the party. Parties
People wonder how is it possible to have such a care free life.  After all, we travel a couple of times a year.  Our wonderful friends fill our parties with joy.  The Ross Ranch is an excellent place to live.  Etc.  Well, we can't tell you.  Our dogs have sworn us to secrecy.  You'll have to ask our dogs to find out.
On November 8, 2006, I had a total hip replacement surgery on my left hip.  I found it very useful to read and hear other people's hip replacement story.  As such, I have put my story together in case someone finds it useful.  Click on the link on the right to read more. Lou's total hip replacement story.


Who are we?


Lou and Carol Ross are both retired from the computer industry.  Lou was a software engineer since 1984 before retiring in 2014.

Carol was a Business Analys for the world's best employer.

Our interests include the Ross Ranch, walks, dogs, travel, computers, Star Trek, movies, entertaining, and figuring out where to cruise to next.  Lou has a few other interests such as fine wines, cooking, football, photography, and this website.

Carol loves to play games on her laptop.  She also has 2 green thumbs and loves flowers.  When not playing with our dogs, she is focused on helping others via service work.

Politically, we are right of center.  No pinko left wing liberal socialist here.  We strongly support our military, personal responsibility, service work, and reducing taxes.  We proudly display our American flag appropriately.  Our freedom was not achieve freely.  It is the United States military that fought for and preserves our freedom.  Thus, we proudly support our awesome military men and women.




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