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    2023 Events:


    Snoqualmie Falls

    Qick trip to Snoqualmie Falls and Salish Lodge in WA state.


    Carol's birthday

    Carol's birthday at Rey's Restaurant in NC with friends and family.


    Transatlantic cruise and Tuscany

    Transatlantic cruise and Tuscany


    2022 Events:


    2022 Christmas Tree

    Our 2022 Christmas tree.


    Eastern Caribbean cruise

    2022 eastern Caribbean cruise with George and Elaine.


    Western Caribbean cruise

    Western Caribbean cruise 2022


    Fort Myers Beach 2022


    Our Fort Myers Beach trip for Carol's birthday.


    Quick  Disney trip to visit family.

    Quick Disney trip to visit family.



    Eastern/Southern Caribbean 2022


    Bulkhead Project




    Who are we?


    The Ranch


    Who are we?


    Traveling the USA.


    Traveling the world


    Cruising the Caribbean




    RossRanch in the tropics.