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Snoqualmie Falls and Gig Harbor, Washington State 2023


The AMAZING Snoqualmie Falls in Snoqualmie Falls, Washington State, with the Salish Lodge and Spa (from Twin Peaks!) in the background.  We took this picture from the viewing platform across from the falls. Lou and Karen lived in Washington State for 14 years and visited the falls on numerous occasions.  They even stayed in a room at the Lodge in 2005 (see Snoqualmie Falls 2005).  Lou and Carol had visited the falls in 2013 and Carol was quite impressed when she saw the falls from this perspective.  However, on May 25 & 26, 2023, Carol and Lou stayed in a suite on the second floor of the Lodge. (See those 2 balconies on the far right-hand side of the second floor?  Those are the two balconies of  our suite.)  There are no words to describe the experience of  looking directly down on the falls from our balcony.  I will just say that it was gorgeous, awe-inspiring and extremely loud!  (Good thing the Lodge is well-insulated!)

As I said, there are no words to describe the experience of  looking directly down on the falls from our balcony and witnessing the falls' awesome power! Here is a picture of the falls taken from one of the balconies:


And here is a zoomed-in shot:


Carol took these next two shots from the living room balcony around 4:45 a.m. PT on May 27th.  DAWN's early light!!!  Carol had never seen the sun at 4:45 a.m. EST in North Carolina or Florida, so she thought it was an extremely bright moon at first!

Lou and Carol hiked one of the trails at Snoqualmie Falls and happened upon these beautiful rhododendrons:




Gig Harbor, Washington

After checking out of the Salish Lodge, Lou and Carol drove to Puyallup, WA to visit Scott Meyers.  It was a wonderful visit.  Afterwards, we drove to Gig Harbor, WA.  and stayed at the Waterfront Inn for 2 nights.  We had dinner at Anthony's at Gig Harbor BOTH nights.  Carol had king salmon from the Copper River both nights.  Lou had halibut the first night and fish and chips the second night.


The Christmas Shop in Gig Harbor:


We met Bob and Sally Cross for lunch at  Gig Harbor Thai Cuisine restaurant one day. Sally is an amazing landscape designer and Bob and Carol love to garden, so we all went on a garden tour after lunch.





Snoqualmie Falls 2005


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