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Natural Bridge
We made a special trip to REI for hiking boots for this vacation, but when we got to the park, Karen was affected by the elevation and we had to stick to easy, level, boardwalk type paths.  

But we did one interesting "hike."  We wanted to see the natural bridge, a 3 mile loop with an optional elevation gain of 300 feet at the end if you wanted to go up around the top of the bridge to look thru the other side.

Here is a nice shot from the front.  The creek cut this hole in the wall, creating what looks like a man-made bridge.  The bridge is fragile and they have it blocked off so no one can walk across.

Below are two views from the back of the bridge.

We took the switchback trail up the 300 feet, slowly, but surely.  WELL WORTH IT!  Everyone we passed on the trail said they declined to go up.  Wimps.  






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