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Old Faithful Blows 7/1 @ 12:38 pm
Click to enlarge "Where's the geyser?" you may be asking.
Click to enlarge We were all milling around waiting for the geyser, which was "predicted" to blow around 12:28.  Then someone yelled, "Buffalo!"  

The crowd parted as this bison came strolling across the lawn, preceded by a ranger who called out for people to scatter out of the way.  The bison came up onto the sidewalk, cut thru the benches, and then started grazing on the lawn in front of Old Faithful.  It was thrilling.

Click to enlarge Before
DuringClick to enlarge Click to enlarge
AfterClick to enlarge Click to enlarge
Old Faithful Lodge
Click to enlarge Visitor Center 

Seismograph tracking earthquakes, which are constantly "revising" the natural plumbing system.

Click to enlarge NOT Old Faithful geyser.  Something like Bumble Bee Geyser.  But nonetheless, a nice blow from a geyser across from the Old Faithful Lodge parking lot.
Click to enlarge Lots and lots of gables make this an awesome lodge.  

Can you discern that twisty natural chunks of tree limbs were used to support and decorate all the gables?

Click to enlarge NOW that is a fire place.  

See the clock?  

The fire log tools are about 6 feet.

Click to enlarge Wait a minute, I thought you were not suppose to look up in case of falling debris!

This is the lodge's ceiling as seen from the first floor.

Click to enlarge There is a little house, big enough for people, but looking like a bird house, in the rafters.  The access stairs were blocked off.






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