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Cruise #6 : 10/6/03 - 10/13/03
There just isn't anything like the beach, warm water, lots of sun, and a few drinks.

We thoroughly enjoyed our first cruise way back in 1997 on Holland America to Alaska.  So we cruised with HAL again.  We like HAL, but they are definitely the senior citizen cruise line.  

One thing HAL does offer is unique itineraries such as Trinidad.  The Ryndam has 3 restaurants, 2 pools, 3  hot tubs, a movie theater and a stage theater, and 6 lounges.

Cruise Itinerary 

Day Port of Call Arrival Departure 

Mon, Oct 06 San Diego -- 5:00pm 
Tue, Oct 07 At Sea -- -- 
Wed, Oct 08 At Sea -- -- 
Thu, Oct 09 Loreto 7:00am 5:00pm
Fri, Oct 10 La Paz 8:00am 6:00pm 
Sat, Oct 11 Cabo San Lucas 7:00am 4:00pm 
Sun, Oct 12 At Sea -- -- 
Mon, Oct 13 San Diego 8:00am -- 

Cruise number 7 is in June, 2004 to the Mediterranean.

Ryan's Birthday Cruise:
The birthday boy.  

Ryan not only gets to go on a cruise, but gets to celebrate his 11th birthday in full glory.  Lucky kid.  

Gee, I was 35 when I went on my first cruise.  Maybe Rich and Lisa can adopt me.  NOT!

I think he's happy don't you?

Kid has good taste in music.  When asked which Jimmy Buffett song is his fav, Ryan says the one about how they tried to shoot him down over Jamaica.

The cake.  

These cruise people know how to suck up don't they.  Nice job on the cake.  Except that it showed up a day late!  Ha!

The cruise staff even sings.  What they sing is still in question.
Gee, why are they so happy?  I think they are thinking "Ryan is now 11, 7 years to go!"



La Paz
Cabo San Lucas


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