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Holland America ms Ryndam
The waiters' Baked Alaska parade.  Very nice.
Cool picture of a model of a ship.
Atrium fountain
The Piano Bar.  

We had a great time with Shaun in this bar.  He played the piano for Name That Tune one night, and Sing-a-long another night.

Nothing like sitting around the bar singing a few tunes and drinking a couple.

We really stink at Name That Tune.

Ummmm, food!  This is the Lido restaurant where a buffet was available most of the day. 
Yes, a dolphin.  It seems like every ship has a statue of a dolphin by the main pool.
Speak of the devil, here's the main pool on the Lido deck.  Conveniently located between the Lido buffet restaurant and the Dolphin bar.

Also close by is the burger and dog grill, taco stand, pizza, and ice cream parlor.

This was a much quieter pool.  Located on the Navigator deck (deck 10) aft.  The website says no kids, but the daily newsletter had some poor writing.  At first reading, the newsletter made it sound like kids were allowed as long as parents kept them quiet.  After further scrutiny, Karen determined that it was 2 separate statements.  The "keep the kids quiet" referred to the main pool on the Lido deck.
The Vermeer Lounge where we spent a few nights.  Entertainment included a ventriloquist Don Bryan, juggling comedian Don Block, and classical guitarist Dr. Justin Miller.  The other nights were taken up by poor Broadway wannabe dancers.


Ah, my favorite person.  I ran into this guy all over the ship.  Whether by the pool or the Ocean Lounge, Edsel was always there to bring my next drink.  GOOD MAN!!




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