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Saturday October 11, 2003

Our only snorkeling excursion on this cruise took place in Cabo.  Since we only planned one snorkeling trip, we forgot to get an underwater camera.  Oh well. 

Our "Snorkel and Sail Fiesta" was awesome!  If you ever get to Cabo, do it!  There were TONS of fish.  Close enough to just reach out and grab one.  The coral was not much to speak of.

After snorkeling for nearly an hour, we sailed along to Lands End - a rock formation separating the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez.

Along the way we saw Lovers Beach, a cave, sea lions, expensive homes atop a cliff overlooking the sea, and lots of rock formations.

Oh yeah, the booze was flowing.  Tequila, rum punch, and beer definitely loosened us up.  I had 3 rum punches and a tequila shooter. 

Hum, whose the babe?  We are so sure we remember this forty-something bikini-clad couple from some other snorkeling/booze cruise.

Lots of jamming, singing, and dancing took place on the sail boat.  The crew made sure we kept loose with jams and booze. 

Quick Time Movie of lubricated  partiers.Quick Time Movie of lubricated partiers.

Lands End

Some cave.

Fancy digs.


Cabo Wabo

It was really HOT.  The wifeys and kiddies couldn't take the heat, so at lunchtime they all went back to the ship and left Rich and I on our own in Cabo.

These are like vitamin drinks.  Uh-huh.

We had us a gooood time.

Sammy Hagar was in town, so downstairs they were doing a sound check to get ready for the Saturday night performance.  We went down there and looked around till some big guy kicked us out.



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