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Friday October 10, 2003
Who's that lovely couple?
As we get off the ship, we are welcomed by 90 degree heat, friendly people, and a little Mexican music.

We all stopped to watch a little kid ride around on a metal clanking trike.  

Here's our ship captain, Jan Smith, out looking for leaks.

Karen is of the opinion that Captain Smith is the youngest , most handsome captain ever.


The Church

What is the name of this church?  We ought to have taken notes.

Pretty though.  Nice fountain across the street.

When we first arrived at the church on Friday around 11 AM, there was a Mass in progress.  We strolled in just as the priest raised the Eucharist over his head, and Karen sort of freaked and shooed us all back out the door.  Just didn't seem right to wander in just then.

Here's a funky picture. 

It is a glowing dome skylight thing. 


Around town.

Being from Seattle, Karen thought it was pretty cool to have coffee for kids.
Well, Rich and I had high hopes to spend a couple of hours at Carlos and Charlies.  Unlike Aruba and Cozulmel, La Paz's C&C was dead.  Maybe it was too early? 
Where ever Karen goes, she has to find sushi.  Anyone up for Mexican sushi ;-)  Why is the place closed down?
A few of these around town.  Restaurants and pubs with live music.  Not quite rock and roll, but pretty good.
No idea what this ship is.  It just looked cool after a few Margaritas.
Our dock




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