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Charleston, SC 5/14/2009 - 5/17/2009




Around Charleston

USS Yorktown

We had high hopes of walking the Cooper River Bridge.  There is a place for pedestrians to park their cars and a walkway across, but we ran out of time when we got called back to Raleigh a day early.

Someone told us it was 3.5 miles across.

We had the pleasure of walking along the street, keeping up with a horse-drawn carriage tour, and listening to the guide tell his stories.

There are a lot of horse or mule drawn carriage tours, and they looked like a lot of fun. We took a motorized tour because we wanted to see everything and get oriented on that first day.
Embassy Suites Charleston

Our hotel is the former site of the Citadel (which means fortress).  It was a great place to stay.  The only problem was that the bar in the lobby did not open till 5 so we could not crash in the lobby in the early afternoon and get refreshed.  (Some of my fondest memories of our last hotel in London were hanging in the lobby drinking tea while Lou drank G&Ts.)

College of Charleston Library

We had a wonderful high tea at Charleston Place!  Then we slipped out the back door and went exploring. This fountain was a surprise.

This cannon is in the park by the boardwalk.  We walked only part of the boardwalk till the sun drove us into the park to hide under shady trees.

This black Lab would not give up the chase as his prey, a squirrel, went about its business eating nuts.  Eventually the Lab lunged at the rat critter but failed miserably.  Not to worry though, the Lab did return for a second attempt only to go hungry.


Civil War Submarine

This is the replica of the Hunley that sits outside the Charleston Museum.  When they finally found the Hunley and raised it, it was discovered that this replica is a bit different from the original.


This is a close-up of the explosive charge that was mounted on the Hunley.










Myrtle Beach



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