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July 16-19, 2012

Thank you so much Blue Diamond Limo for driving us to and from Myrtle Beach.  We found the driver and service to be first class.  We would recommend Blue Diamond Limo to anyone in need of a luxury and comfortable method of transportation.

My bride of 20 years is escorted to her limo including red carpet treatment.  Limo was fully decked out with full bar as well as air conditioning and stereo controlled by passenger.

I think Karen looks very comfortable don't you?

We stayed at the Kingston Plantation Embassey Suites.  This is a view from our balcony looking left.


More beach from our balcony.

Straight ahead from our balcony.

We had a deluxe corner suite.  Our balcony wrapped around two sides so we can look at the beach or at the pool.  This part of the balcony is just outside our king size bedroom.

Here's the other side of the wrap around balcony.  This side leads into the living room.

My lovely bride having a wonderful time.

Here is the bar in the lobby.

Here is Karen at the bar blogging.

Lobby with bar, casual and formal dining, coffee shop, ice cream, and much more.

Embassey Suite was fully refurbished this past year.  It was wonderful.

The resort - Kingston Plantation - was a city in itself.  Several condominium complexes, 4 hotels, and many villas throughout the resort.  There are 9 pools and many restaurants.  Water ways and park settings make this a great place to stay.

Thanks to our bartender for taking this picture.

Our Blue Diamond Limo returns to pick us up.  First class service.

Nice car.

Kingston Plantation Embassey Suites.


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