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Houses, churches, and other buildings around Charleston, SC.

When we arrived on Thursday evening, we decided to walk to the movie theater by the aquarium and see Star Trek.  Along the way, we saw this amazing gas lamp.

This is the building where the merchants have stalls along Market Street.

Here is one of the less attractive examples of the metals rods stuck through buildings to bring them back into a square after the earthquake in the 1880s.  These Xs are less cute that some of the other terminating decorations we saw, like adorable stars.

Karen demanded that Lou get this picture -- for Lisa!

See the back door on the second floor with no porch or stairway?

Here is another shot of our hotel!

Charleston is called the Holy City because there are so many churches.  Our guide explained that if you could show up with 7 members of your particular faith, you could start a church in Charleston!  That was a lot easier than in say Boston!

So that's why there are so many churches represented here still today.


What is the name of this house we toured?

We toured this house. It is directly across the street from the Charleston Museum and the replica of the Hunley.

This is the ceiling medallion on the chandelier in the front entrance of the house we toured.

This is the back yard of that historic house we toured!


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