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April 1, 2019


Wine and Val d'Orcia


April 1st started with a scenic drive to yet another village to tour a very old monastery. From there we had a wonderful lunch at a working farm and then visited two wineries.  We spent a couple of hours at the  farm where we had a spectacular all natural freshly made lunch. The  lasagna was as  tender as mashed potatoes. I've never had pumpkin lasagna, but it was out of this world.  We had balsamic vinegar which was 12 years old and tasted like molasses. 

We then visited the Capanna vineyard and the Nostro Vita vineyard.  Lou had tasted Brunella wine at a restaurant our first night in Siena and really enjoyed it.  The  Capanna vineyard was as on a hill side in the Montalcino region where Brunello is the local type of red wine. Delicious! We took our time walking through the beautiful pathways overlooking the Tuscany countryside.

We then toured Nostro Vita. This is a vineyard like no one Lou had  seen before. It is a rather small vineyard bottling around 10,000 bottles a year. What makes this vineyard so amazing is that it doubles as an art colony. The vineyard is owned by one family since the 1970s. Friends of the family volunteer to create art work that is then left on the premises for us to enjoy. The symbol of the vineyard is an old oak tree shaped like the letter 'V'. Hence,  there are various pieces of wood sculptures throughout the property. We met the father of the family who owns the vineyard. He showed us his collection of books where the covers and spine are made from tree bark collected on the property. Later we learned that all the labels for the wine bottles have printed material such as name of winery, vintage, etc. However, the logo on the label is hand done by the father thus essentially each label is a piece of art! We were amazed by his creativity and thanked him very much. We spent time with his family who made us feel very welcomed. A great time was had by all!

The monastery. Lou accidentally rang the bell, startling us all.

The murals on the wall depict the life of St. Benedict.

This is the villa where part of the film, Gladiator, was shot



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