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Florence, Italy 3/25/2023


We are in the queue to visit the Accademia Gallery in Florence!



The oldest upright piano in existence.  It is currently on display in the keyboard instrument section of the Accademia.

It was made in Northern Tuscany in 1739.



Carol's first glimpse of the Statue of David created by Michelangelo from 1501-1504!  This day has definitely always on her bucket list.  Lou has spoken of it for years.  He and Karen saw it when they visited it in 2004. 


Note that the four statues in the foreground are unfinished sculptures by Michelangelo. The figures emerge from the blocks of marble and the surface of each is marked with traces of the tools used by Michelangelo while he worked. Really sparks the imagination, doesn't it? 



























Our tour guide, Simonida, was amazing.  She took us on tours of Sienna a few years ago.  We found her on Tours By Locals.













The Florence Cathedral












Gates of Paradise by Lorenzo Ghiberti between 1425 and 1452.  Across from the Florence Cathedral.






Statue of Neptune










Lou visiting the exterior of the Galileo Museum.  Galileo was an astronomer who lived from 1564-1642.  He was tried
by the inquisition and nearly executed for saying that the earth orbits the sun, not the other way around. 




Lou and Simonida outside the museum.  Notice the signs of the Zodiac on the pathway.







The Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy.  It was an absolutely beautiful day for our visit!



Neptune Fountain in Boboli Gardens. Yes, that is a living crane.  He seemed to be posing for the tourists.






The Abundance Statue by Sebastiano Salivini.















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