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Super Bowl 48

Feb. 2, 2014


Seattle Seahawks 43

Denver Broncos  8

Attendees (32):
Lou & Carol
John & Pat
Joe & Gerry
Mo & Gail
Larry & Betsy
Joe & Peg
Chaz & Darlene
John & Chere
Sue & Irv
Nick & Sharon
Brent & Lori
Linda & Evelyn
Judy & Cary
Ruth Anne & Kyle
Gerry & Bob
Lou contemplates strategy for the Seahawks game against the Broncos.

Front and second row seating ready.

The crowd is ready for some football!

2014 Super Bowl Party

Gerry, Sharon, Darlene, and Chaz.

Placing bets before the game.

Bob - A. K. A. Frank enjoys the captain's chair prior to the crowd.

Gerry arranges the crack balls for the addicts.

The lovely couple Judy and Cary.  Judy said this was her first Super Bowl party.  Hope it was a good one.

Ruth Anne and Kyle discussing the slaughter of the Broncos by the Seahawks.

Linda and Evelyn enjoying the food, game, and festivities.  Evelyn is such a delight.  Our parties brighten up whenever she walks in the door.

John and Larry.  John tries to not watch the game.  Guess who he was cheering for;-)

The crowd settles in for the Seahawk victory.

Jenny and Gerry.  Chaz tries to bomb a perfectly good photo op.

Peg discusses with Susan their husband's bad habits;-)

Mo, Gail, and Darlene are bored with the Seahawk destruction of the Broncos so they kick back and enjoy the party.

Chaz and Mo have obviously had way to many crack balls.

Peg and Chere.

Peg brought an awesome sweet and sour chicken which I cannot get enough of.

Chere made a fantastic veggie plate.  Someone has to be healthy.

Gerry ponders her next trip with husband Joe.  They travel up and down the east coast so much their home seems more like a hotel. 



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