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June 30, 2007.
First things first, build the patio for the hot tub.

Here's where the slab will be placed with walk way to garage.

No worthwhile out door project can be done without heavy equipment.

And of course, you must have the big Tonka toy truck.

The slab is 8' by 13' by 6" with fiber and rebar for added support.

Here's the formation.

The walk way from the hot tub to the garage is 3' by 30' by 6".

Here's the formation from above.

These hard working dudes pour the concrete.

Here's the finished work.  All I need now is a hot tub.  Don't mind the temporary fencing to keep the puppies away for now.

8/22 Hot tub arrives.

Omer supervises the job.

The delivery guys hook up the cover lifter.

Even when empty of water, it is none trivial to move a hot tub.

Of course I'm supervising making sure they don't take out the house.

Here my electrician hangs out trying to stay cool in the intense heat.

Here the guys are packing up and leaving as Karen heads to the hot tub.

Ah!  Doesn't this look awesome!

Don't I look comfortable.

Now, check out the deck.


Hot Tub Spec


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