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North Carolina Outer Banks 6/25/2009 - 6/28/2009

Bodie Island Lighthouse

So much better to be here during the tourist season instead of in December! Karen got to go inside the gift shop!  And we both went inside the lighthouse, up about 12 steps to a point where Lou got this awesome picture of the curving metal staircase that goes all the way to the top hugging the inner wall.  No one is allowed on the stairs though.

Sunrise 6/26/2009

Karen was fast asleep but Lou was up early every morning, enjoying the peace and quiet.
The Beach

This is right outside our hotel.  Perfect!  No hassle for parking.

The waves got rough!  We did not body surf, we instead got body checked by the ocean.

There is Karen, making a neat pile of stuff on the beach before heading off to look for shell fragments.

Here is our hotel (Days Inn - Mariner) as seen from the beach.

Sunrise 6/27/2009

Again, Lou reveled in the peace and quiet while Karen snoozed!

Lou brought coffee from home, one of the African coffees he picked up at A Southern Season.  Yum.



Outer Banks Jockey Ridge

Outer Banks Wright Brothers

Outer Banks Wright Brothers Memorial


Outer Banks 2007 



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