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This was a huge treat for us.  We visited the Wright Brothers National Memorial Monument.
The replica hangar and house where the brothers lived while they were here.
There is a glass barrier and you can see the table where they ate and the kitchen and the beds.
How amazing that is was warm enough to wear shorts!

Karen forgot to bring socks.

This marker was erected in 1928 to mark the exact spot where the 1903 flight started.
Lou did not forget to pack socks,
The 1901 glider did not work out so well.
The 1902 glider worked great, and by the end of the summer, they could control all aspects of the glide , so the goal for 1903 was to add POWER to the glide and achieve powered flight.

The guide explained that others who were working on the problem had started by trying to figure out how to get enough power to get themselves airborne -- but they did not have any idea how to control the flight.

Lou thought it was very interesting that adjacent to the park was an actual in use airstrip.
A plane arrived while we were wandering around
The monument, up on the hill.
This is the view from the hill on which the monument stands.  We are looking back across the field at the area where the flight actually took place.  The blackish blob near the end of the path is the visitors center.
There were a lot of kids running around and climbing everything.  This is a fun site for kids.
Now we are walking away, down the back of the hill, so we can go look at the newer sculpture that represents the moment of the history-making flight.
There was one guy at the camera.  He did not have any camera experience and they were not sure till much later if he got the picture.
A nearby plaque talks about the North Carolinians who pitched in and helped the Wrights.
Here is the sculpture of the flyer representing the historic flight.

The three things you have to control when flying: pitch, roll, and yaw.
We were surrounded by tall trees, but none of them were there in 1903.  It was like the Sahara Desert.
This is another memorial dedicated to the Wright Brothers.
Another building where some of the locals would live during the summers of 1900-1903.


Flyer Replica


Glider Replica





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