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Malaga, Spain 3/20/2023



One of Spain's oldest cities, Malaga has been inhabited since the time of the Phoenicians, who called it Malaka. A city of narrow streets, whitewashed houses, churches and sunny plazas, Malaga offers an idealized image of Spain. Malaga was the chief port for the Kingdom of Granada, the last stronghold of Moorish Spain. The city fell to Ferdinand and Isabelle in 1487. The re-conquest of Spain ended with the fall of Grenada in 1492, the year Columbus discovered the New World. In addition to the fabled Alhambra, Granada boasts some significant landmarks such as the Old Quarter, the majestic Granada Cathedral, Alcazaba an ancient Moorish fortress nestled above the city, and the Royal Chapel the final resting place of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Andalusia's main port is also your gateway to the resorts of the osta del Sol.


Pausing to take in the view while climbing the steps toward the Moorish fortress of Alcazaba.  And, oh look, there is our ship, the Enchanted Princess in the distance. 
(And no, we didn't make it all the way to the the fortress itself.)


Another rest and photo op while climbing the stairs toward Alcazaba .

The Enchanted Princess, anchored in the Malaga port.


Just a section of the Moorish fortress Alcazaba.  It is massive!

Carol and Lou in front of  Alcazaba.

Lou stands in front of the Malaga Cathedral, which is located next to Alcazaba.



We walked through a park that smelled heavenly because jasmine was planted throughout!


Lou and I stopped for lunch in Malaga.  I had yummy croquettes and Lou had the paella.  I really enjoyed the Coke Zero since Princess only sells Coke or Diet Coke on board.  In fact, I bought extra Coke Zeros to take back to the ship!


 Malaga 2006


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