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scotland.jpg (41846 bytes) Ah yes, the beautiful Scotland country side.  We saw lots of wide open spaces with rolling hills covered with grass and little sheepys eating the grass.
Edinburgh offered us one of the nicest hotels we stayed at while in Europe.  The Greens Hotel offered spacious rooms with excellent insulation and pretty views.  The staff was extremely friendly and courteous. hotel.jpg (134277 bytes)
oldroad.jpg (54567 bytes) Edinburgh is made up of 2 parts, the new and the old.  The old is quite old!  Originally a walled city half mile by 1 mile.  Houses were up to 14 stories high.  Of course not knowing a whole lot about architecture, many of these tall houses collapsed.  On the left you see what they called a road.  Just wide enough for 1 person to walk through.
These next 2 shots show the outside of the old Edinburgh Palace.   Quite a nice home.  We took a tour of the inside.  Quite nice.  Some large rooms.  One room is the thrown room.  The Queen of England herself still uses the Palace when she needs a getaway from Buckingham. palace1.jpg (63998 bytes)
palace2.jpg (64696 bytes) Yep, that is a clock on the outside of the Palace.
Originally, the poor people did not live in those 14 story houses.   They lived underground.  Rooms were constructed that were maybe 15 by 15 feet.   Each room would house around a dozen people.  If the people were lucky, the room had a light source and a bucket for you to do your duty.  It was said that you got to know your neighbor by smell, not sight.  There would be maybe 5 rooms deep.   From the door to the outside, sometimes 65 rooms were built.  So if you were in the last one, you had to go by 64 rooms to reach the outside.  Needless to say, there was not much light.  The smell was nauseating.  This person on the right gave us a tour of the underground where witches lived and practiced.  This person herself claimed to be a witch.  The tour was quite ire. witch.jpg (102530 bytes)


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