t2.bmp (300054 bytes) 

mygaurd.jpg (110414 bytes) This dude (on the left) is a real live Scottish soldier guarding the entrance to the castle.  Note the kilt and the weapons.  The guy was cool.   He gave me a nod after Karen took the picture.
castle1.jpg (96262 bytes) These next 3 shots are various shots of the castle.
castle2.jpg (192132 bytes)
castle3.jpg (120140 bytes)
castlech.jpg (117088 bytes) This church inside the castle was built in 1093.  It was built to honor the fallen soldiers.
petsem.jpg (94545 bytes) This is way cool.  A pet cemetery.  Not accessible to the public, there is some entry from some room in the castle.  Pets of the high elite are buried here.
scene1.jpg (111853 bytes) The castle is up top a volcanic lava rock hill.  From there you can see quite a long ways.  These 2 shots were taken from inside the castle looking out over the wall.
scene2.jpg (112248 bytes)




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