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June 29, 2004
Right outside the Colosseum, this arch celebrates, um, somebody, um, or something.  I think it's the Arch of Constantine. 

I just remember it because it's where our mini-bus was parked!

See the dark arches at the right edge of the photo--that's the Colosseum.

Standing on the second floor of the Colosseum, we took this photo of the Temple of Venus and Rome.  Almost all of the marble was stolen away to build other stuff.
This is the courtyard at the Capitolone Museum. This was one museum that really thrilled us.  Don't miss it.
Great behind-the-scenes view of a statue.
The leftmost building here (white) is a monument to the glory of Rome.  The builders could not stand the idea that a non-Catholic Church (red brick) was the tallest structure in Rome, so they built the monument to Rome so that it was higher and crowded out the smaller church.
Close up of the clock at the Capitolone Museum.


Excursion: Deluxe Rome
This exclusive tour is ideal for those who would like a more personal tour
of the Eternal City. A smaller group size and the comfort of a mini-bus
allow you to explore areas of Rome that are restricted to a larger
motorcoach. See the famous Trevi Fountain, Vatican Museum and more on this
special excursion.
Colosseum - One of the grandest of all Rome's monuments, the Colosseum's
imposing exterior immediately captures your eye. Once inside, it is easy to
imagine the magnificence of ancient Rome. From one of the great viewpoints,
you will see this enormous arena that once featured 76 numbered entrances,
marble seats and subterranean passages where animals and other apparatus
were hidden from view. Gladiatorial combats lasted until 404 AD and animal
combats were stopped toward the middle of the 6th-century.

Trevi Fountain - Join the romantic custom of tossing a coin into Rome's most
famous fountain to ensure that someday you will return. You will walkthrough the narrow streets leading to a small, almost hidden piazza, which
is overwhelmingly dominated by the massive Trevi Fountain and the hundreds
of tourists that flock there daily. Blue-green clear water cascades over the
ornate Baroque stone figures of Trevi, making it a sight to behold.

Vatican Museum - The Vatican's museum complex houses one of the most
impressive collections in the world, embracing the art of every epoch. Your
guide will walk you through a portion of this incredible museum.

Sistine Chapel - As one of the highlights of the Vatican Museum, the Sistine
Chapel draws thousands of visitors into its small confines. Here you will
marvel at the masterpieces of the great artist, Michelangelo, including his
frescoes of the "Creation" on the ceiling and the "Last Judgment" on the
altar wall. A recent restoration has revealed the beautiful colors that were
used in his work.

St. Peter's Basilica - You will have free time at St. Peters Square to visit
the landmark basilica on your own or just shop for souvenirs or browse at
leisure. The vast dome of St. Peter's is visible from nearly everywhere in
the city. Impressive St. Peter's Square, with its fountains and semicircular
colonnades crowned with statues of the saints, frames the Basilica's
entrance. Located on the site where St. Peter was martyred and buried, the
first church here was built by Constantine. Michelangelo deserves much of
the credit for the massive reconstruction and his famous "Pieta" masterpiece
is located inside.

In the comfort of your smaller mini-bus, you will drive from the port of
Civitavecchia to Rome enjoying views of the Roman countryside and the
Tyrrenian Sea. As the mini-bus can enter into the heart of the city, your
city drive through Rome will take you past such landmarks as the Basilicas
of St. John in Lateran and Santa Maria Maggiore, the huge monument to
Vittorio Emanuele II near the Capitol Hill, the Roman Forum, Trajan's
Column, Arch of Constantine, Borghese Park, Castel Sant' Angelo and Circus

Colosseum St. Peter's Basilica Trevi Fountain Capitolone


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