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February 25 through March 6, 2000

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What can you say that hasn't been said about fun in the sun?  Warm beaches with white sand and clear warm waters.  The Caribbean is definitely the place to cruise.   Really nice people greeted us at each port.  Of course they were also trying to sell us stuff.  However, once you got by the salesmanship, they were quite pleasant to be with.

Simply put, we had an awesome time!  We traveled on Celebrity's ship Horizon for a 10 day cruise to the south eastern Caribbean.  The cruise had to 2 and half days at sea at each end with 5 days of stops in between.


Us on stage.  

What are we doing?! Well, we are on stage in the Palladium Show lounge taking a bow. Haven't we mentioned our stand-up comedy routine? That's how we got such a great discount for the trip...

Nope, we're lying.

The truth is, on Sunday night, a lot of people went to the Palladium early to get good seats for the final show. The rest of our party was sitting in one row together near the front, looking so darned cute we had to take a picture. So, feeling very brave, we went up on the stage to get a good shot. Well, Glen grabbed his camera and yelled, "Take a bow!"  So we did. Amazingly, everyone in the audience started laughing and applauding. Now THAT'S a great feeling!

Thanks, Glen, for the suggestion!


Saint Maarten
Saint Lucia
Karen B-Day
Last Dinner


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