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Mar09_79.jpg (71692 bytes) As usual Peggy has all the handsome men at her beck and call.  Heere she  is with our waiter, Anton, and our busboy, Gabor (Gobby).
Mar09_80.jpg (67902 bytes) Here Peggy and Frankie show what we did best on the cruise: give Anton our dinner order.
Mar09_81.jpg (73467 bytes) Here is our Sommelier, Lauriance, from Normandy, France. She knows how to serve a great bottle of wine.  I was going to tip her until someone pointed out that she gets 15% from each order.  Mon Dieu!

Aunt Peggy is fooling around with her non-functional half-automatic half-manual camera.

Christmas present tip: Uncle Bob wants one of these wine serving baskets. 

Mar09_82.jpg (70235 bytes) Gabor hugs Glen and Wayne. 

That is Diane shaking her fist at the right edge of picture.  Maybe she wanted a hug from Gobby.

Pat and Omer at dinner. Aren't they a lovely couple?  Hard to believe after 38 years, they still put on a good act.
Mar09_87.jpg (71500 bytes) Glen prepares to take a picture as Frankie hands Anton enough cash to send all his kids to college.
Mar09_90.jpg (68361 bytes) Bob (left) and Peggy (right) chat with our Maitre 'd Gus from Argentina.  Gus prepared special Argentinean steak sauce every night regardless of our desire for it.

Gus also made a huge production of Frankie and Glen's 25 anniversary.  He tied their wrists together, sang to them, and wiped cake frosting on their noses before wishing them another 25 wonderful years.

Mar09_91.jpg (73403 bytes) Yes, Gus does have a great sense of humor.


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