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December 26 - 28, 1999

Kalaloch is a resort on the Pacific side of the Olympic peninsula in Washington state.  On one side is the Pacific ocean, while across the street (SR 101) is the only living rain forest in north America.  See our vacation to Lake Quinault for a description of the rain forest.
The resort consist of one building containing guest rooms, main office, gift shop, dining facilities, and drinking accommodations.  The remainder of the resort consist of log cabins.  A certain portion of these cabins are 15 feet or so away from the bluff over looking the ocean.  Awesome!


Our Cabin. Our log cabin over looks the Pacific approximately 15 feet from the edge of the bluff.   Cabin contains king size bed, fireplace, fridge, couch, bath, no phones, no TVs.
What we see. This shot was taken from the front of our cabin.  As you can see, it is a long way down.  Actually it's only about 30 feet or so.  The beach below is a mostly sandy beach with some rocks.  Plenty of logs are found up against the bluff on the beach.
Dogs at play. The kids (Molly and Sam) had a great time checking out each log along with each small opening they could stick their curious noises into.  It is amazing what good balance you could have with 4 legs.  Olympics, here we come.
The bluff. Our cabin is the second one from the left.  Here you can see what the bluff looks like and all of the lovely logs.

We were told that due to serious erosion, these cabins will most likely be gone in the next 2 years!  Hence what is now the second row of cabins will become front row seating.

Sunset 1 of 3. Funny, I wanted to see some winter storms.  After all, this is the Pacific NW.   So what kind of weather did we have?  A bit of everything.  A bit of rain, lots of sun, and very cold temps.  I did manage to  get some lovely sunsets.


Here is a series of a sunset.

Sunset 2 of 3. Sunset 3 of 3.



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