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August 21-September 6, 2014


Sally and Bob

Sally and Bob were kind enough to take us to a spectacular garden on Bainbridge Island. We are very thankful we have Sally and Bob in our life to share such wonderful moments. They will always be family to us.


Steve and Melody

This was a special visit. Carol and I drove to my old neighborhood so Carol could see my old house and meet up with Steve and Melody. We hung out for a couple of hours catching up and hearing about their troubles. We then drove to the Multbe Cafe to introduce Carol to the out of this world cinamon bun. We could only eat a quarter of it. It was bigger than a dinner plate. Of course our breakfast was spectacular as it always has been all these many years.

Scott Marshall family

We had a fabulous time in Puyallop with Scott and the family. It was great catching up and having a nice lunch with Scott, Marshall, Lindsey, and all the wonderful kids. Children like these really brighten up a cloudy day.

Steve and Lynn

We met Steve and Lynn at my favorite Mexican restaurant Ixtapa in Duvall. We chatted and caught up for about 2 hours. As usual, I talked Lynn into having a real beverage - this time a high octane margarita.

Lou and Carol at Space Needle

We spent a day in Seattle doing the Ride the Duck tour. It was a blast. We had a funny driver (Captain Beau Dacious) who really made the tour. Afterwards we wandered around and then had lunch at the Space Needle where this picture was taken.

Carol at Molbaks

I introduced Carol to Molbaks nursery in Woodinville, WA. We spent a couple of hours wandering around looking at fountains, flowers, plants, and various outdoor furniture.


Sally Garden
Bloedel Gardens
Mount Ste. Helens 2014
Pine River B&B Ranch
Leavenworth 2014
Seattle Waterfront


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