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July 28, 2008

Ross Ranch 1 is now a pit.  Who would buy such a beautiful home and treat it like a dump.

Looks like someone took out half the sign.  Dang drunks!

Don't these people know they need to trim the hedge every couple of years?!  My goodness, the hedge is more than twice the height of my 5 foot 7 inch wife.

This makes me want to cry.  I built the vegetable garden by hand.  Many evenings and back aches.  These bozos use it as a weed garden. 

Our old neighbors Steve and Melody.  Great neighbors.  Couldn't have asked for better people.  We missed seeing them though on our visit.

John and Margaret were the newest to the neighborhood.  Lots of fun.  Sorry we missed you as well.




Here is our first home.  This was a great home.  A 1972 house, 2600 square feet, and a fully finished cellar.  Great party house.




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