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July 30, 2017



On Sunday we drove to downtown Kirkland for our 11:30 am cruise of lake Washington.  We found it a bit tricky to get there as the streets were closed because there was a car show at the parking lot where the marina we were suppose to meet our tour was.  After some back roads navigation, we finally parked and made our way down to the marina and our boat.  There were a lot of people around the marina for the car show.  Lots of food vendors made the air smell delightful.

Our cruise of the 23 mile long lake took us by many multi million dollar mansions including that of Bill Gates.  The cheapest mansion we saw was $9 million.  Apparently if you have a lot of money you can buy some privacy as the tour guides were not allowed to tell us who owned what mansion.  Of course everyone knows which one belongs to the Gates.  Suffice to say that if you are one of the many billionaires in the area then you must have a mansion on lake Washington.

After the tour we drove to Woodinville and my old neighborhood to visit friends Steve and Melody.  We had a delightful time visiting and catching up on old times.  We concluded our day with all of us going out to dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant Ixtapa.  We had a few drinks and an awesome burrito.


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