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What a day!

Just an incredible day when Karen and I got to see and hear Jim, Luvell, Gene Kranz, Bonnie Anderson, and Joseph Allen.  They held a Q and A session for an hour and a half.  Real nice presentation.  Of course, most of the questions were taken from kids.  I was very pleasantly surprised at the informed questions most of the kids asked.  The space program has a great deal of hope if these kids have anything to say about it.

Gene Kranz 1.jpg (33237 bytes)
Gene Kranz 3.jpg (29069 bytes) However, the best part was yet to come.   Gene Kranz was also there to promote his new book "Failure is not an Option".  Great book.  Pick it up and read it today.  We lucked out in that we only had to stand in line for about 45 minutes.  Other people stood in line for 2 hours! 
Gene Kranz 2.jpg (32507 bytes) Great man!  We talked briefly.  I told him about my visit to Kennedy Space Center and the tour of the old block house where they first tested the Mercury rockets.  He said I was extremely fortunate because they don't do those tours very often if at all.  I would have loved just to sit down and talk to this legend for hours.  But the line behind me stretched all the way around the great gallery.
I did get to speak briefly to Gene's better half.  Wonderful lady.  I joked with her about her making me one of those famous vests.  She shared a story with us about someone in a group seriously asking for her to make a vest.  Her response was that she would never do that because when she made them for Gene it was a gesture of love.  Quite a lady.



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