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June 17 - 18, 2000

The Grand Coulee Dam.



Our trip to Grand Coulee dam took us north into the Cascades.  We traveled along route 20, the North Cascades Highway.  Just an absolutely spectacular scenery.  Plenty of rivers, lakes, small dams, trees, and of course snow cap mountains. We actually found ourselves with snow on the side of the highway as we neared Washington pass (elevation 4,000+ feet).
Yet another scenic spot Last leg to Coulee
Ross River? Ross Dam?
Omer pounders the waterfall. Becareful Mr. Waterfall, Omer has a wrench in his back pocket.
Aren't they cute, mother and daughter.  Can't beat it. Mother and Daughter

Oh Yes, we actually did stop off and tour a damn dam.


We stayed at nice little hotel directly across from the dam.  We walked over at 9pm to watch the 10pm laser show. 


This was taken from the top of the dam where the generators are actually housed.  Below is the Columbia River.  Left is the dam itself where water is blocked and released as needed.  Across is the town itself. Jun24_17.jpg (117883 bytes)
Jun24_19.jpg (116993 bytes) This one is bit further back so you can see the face a bit more.
Jun24_20.jpg (112772 bytes) Jun24_21.jpg (107866 bytes)
We started the tour at the top where that platform is.  The elevator goes down this center cables at a 45 degree angle. Jun24_24.jpg (117486 bytes)
Jun24_25.jpg (112264 bytes) Looking straight down from the top of the dam.  Don't get dizzy.
This looks back behind the dam.  The river snakes along for few hundred miles until it empties into the Pacific. Jun24_26.jpg (118350 bytes)
Jun24_28.jpg (140472 bytes) Here lies the beginning of Banks Lake formed by the water held back by the Grand Coulee Dam.


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