t2.bmp (300054 bytes)  Tinnalynn's 40th B-Day


May 12-13, 2006
The festivities begin.  
Karen and Lou snuck in at 7:00 PM and caught Tinalynne in the kitchen setting things up.

Tinalynne was surprised to see Karen and Lou at her party.

The old pals share a quiet moment.
Timmy Jennifer
Tinalynne is lucky to have such an awesome Mother-in-Law as Lucy.
Michael is feeling pretty good about how all his plans have unfolded.  It can't be easy to keep secrets from Tinalynne!
Michael did a great job planning the party and keeping Tinalynne in the dark about all the guests.
Tinalynne takes all the ladies for a guided tour of the historic Knights of Columbus house.
The food, after the wolves have attacked.

Bravissimo, Albertsons catering!  And special thanks to Mike for the crab and pasta salad (which Karen luckily got the recipe to).

Haugen women right to left:  Holly, Tinalynne, and Lucy.
Mom and daughter were kind enough to pose just before cake.
The excellent and delicious cake.  Note that the frosting balloons match the fancy balloon cake plates!
Tinalynne loved the way we sang "Happy Birthday."  Clearly, at 40, she is already losing her hearing.
Michael getting his butt kicked by Jedi Tim.
Michael assumes the Yoda pose, which makes Timmy Darth Maul.

Time for presents:

The sapphire ring has returned!
Timmy has a front row seat.
Tinalynne loves her doggy pen.
It looks like Tinalynne is doing magic tricks here, making coins disappear.
Michael really came through:  two pairs of fancy earrings AND a fabulous party! 

What can he expect in return in a few years when he turns 40?

The dog house goes with the dog pen.
Timmy protects us by lurking around and looking for signs of trouble.

The day after.

We went walking in the Blue Mountain hiking area.  Tim was our guide and leader.
The view into Missoula.
Grandpa and Timmy investigated the old tree, but there were no animals living in it.  (Bummer.)
We all had fun on Saturday, but poor Michael had to go to work to make sure all those Moms got their Mother's Day cards.


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