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Super Bowl 47

Feb. 3, 2013


Baltimore Ravens 34

San Francisco 49ers 31


Attendees (21):

Lou & Carol
Brent & Lori
Chaz & Darlene
Mo & Gail
John & Pat
Bob & Gerry
Joe & Peg
John M.
Nick & Sharon
Irv & Sue

Susan and Pat passionately discuss football strategies.

Carol and Anya admire Dr. Goodnight.

Lots of excellent food including gumbo, chili, pasta, cheese, cold cuts, sausage cheese dip, orange chicken, pineapple cheese, and many desserts.

Pat S., Peg, Susan, and that handsome guy Lou.

The dessert table.

The hard core football fans get the front row seating.

Brent and Brent, Darlene, and the rest celebrate another Ravens touchdown.

Lou, Anya, Doane, and Lori.  Dang Lou is a tall guy.

Lou, Carol, Doane, and Lori.  Doane and Lori wonder how many more pictures are they going to take.

Lou is thrilled to be in the same picture with such gorgeous women.

Crazed football fans.

Who is that cute lady next to Lou.

The food comatose is kicking in.



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