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Super Bowl 46

Feb. 5, 2012




Attendees (32):

Lou & Karen
Allen & Carole
Woody & Meredyth
Brent & Lori
Chaz & Darlene
Mo & Gail
John & Pat
Carl & Pat
Bob & Gerry
Joe & Peg
John & Shere'
Larry & Betsy
Steve, Kim & Fisher
Nick & Sharon


We are ready for the game to begin!

Lou did all the work, but Karen got half the credit.

People staked out good seats early.

Sharon, Allen, Jason

Kim and Steve

Looks like Steve didn't want to run the chance of losing his front row seat, so he got enough provisions (two plates!) to last the entire game. Good planning!

 Browsing at the dessert table

Robert stopped by late in the afternoon to drop off his awesome apple strudel, the same amazing dessert that we loved on Christmas Day.

But then he and Marissa never made it to the game. They were missed.

Pat, Joe, and Nick

John's gumbo was the hit of the party. It was even more delicious than last year. John started cooking last Tuesday! The secret is in the roux, he says.

Lou and Karen jealously guarded the leftovers. We added shrimp and ate it for two dinners and a lunch, and still wanted more...

Karen and Meredyth

Too bad work is not this much fun.

Nick and Brent plan a new game for poker night, where twos are wild for anyone wearing a plaid shirt.

Carole tries to escape but she's not quick enough.

The yellow cups were a big hit. You peeled off a section of tape to reveal a black square where you could scrape your name (or a bad word) to identify the cup as yours.

Long involved story...

Carl and John

... with a great punch line!


Sharon (aka The Organizer)

If we have a neighborhood outing, it's because Sharon set it up.

The Ladies of Eagle Ridge

They weren't actually that interested in the football game.

Pat and Karen

Pat took a lot of photos, too, but hasn't had time yet to share them with us.

Karen has a piece of Patricia's most excellent Brazilian chocolaty cakey thing, which Fabricio brought. He promised to get us the recipe, which everyone wanted.

Betsy and Shere, talking about the last homeowners association meeting again?

These people are serious about their football.

The Beams

The cool football plates are from Costco.

That's our neighbor Larry sitting next to the fireplace. He and Betsy made awesome fudge, the same awesome fudge they made at Christmas. Yum! We sent the leftovers home with Jason.

A lot of people left at halftime. The Patriots were ahead at that point, and life was good. (that's Karen talking).

Fisher spent a lot of time on the stairs. He's got one of Meredyth's awesome chocolate chip and pumpkin cookies. Don't anyone tell him that it's a healthy choice.

Meredyth, Darlene, Chas, Lou, Karen, and Woody

So serious! It was tough to be a Patriots fan. We were out-numbered 5 to 1.

This is actually the only picture of Woody we could find. He's hard to see, down in the dark right-hand corner of this picture. This year, he's sporting a lumberjack beard instead of his usual rakish goatee.

Fisher has gotten so much taller since last year!

We must be watching a commercial, not the game, because even the ladies are paying attention.

Fisher is irresistible to the ladies. He's going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up. Use your super  powers for good, Fisher.

Pat and Fisher are talking about their all-time favorite Dr Seuss books, and Grandma Gerry takes the opportunity to seek adult conversation elsewhere.

Bob (aka Frank) and Karen are congratulating themselves because they found an excellent spot with a great view of the TV -- and near the food. Brent is cracking up because he is about to come stand right in front of them to block their great view.

Nothing to see here!

There was a point, near the beginning of the game, when the TV screen went dark.

"Hey!" came the roar. "Lou! Something's wrong!"

It was Lou's fault. He had the remote in his pocket, and when he leaned over to get the pitcher of margaritas out of the cooler, he pocket dialed the TV off.

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