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Feb. 1, 2009

Attendees (24):

Lou & Karen
Darlene, Chaz, and Paige
Allan & Carole
Mo & Gail
John & Pat
Cara & Andy
Bob & Gerry
Mike & Melissa
Karen & Charlie


Thanks, George, for taking all these pictures!  Of course this means George is no where to be seen :-(


Who is going to break the news to Lou that the Miami Dolphins did NOT make it to the Super Bowl?  Darleen is too kind to tell him...

Real football fans know that Lou must be wearing this PORTER jersey because Joey Porter used to be a Steeler.

Karen and Charlie grinning away!

In the foreground, on the table, you can see Lou's 6 Layer Dip (no olive layer) that was assembled by the following team:  Lou, Karen, George, and Cara

Lou tried to convince all the ladies that it is customary to kiss the host right before the game starts, just like the traditional kiss after midnight on New Year's Eve.
From left to right:  Robert, Pat, Irv, Chaz, John, and Nick cluster around the island.

John made a fabulous gumbo for us that everyone raved about. George helped transport the 24 pound pot across the street before the fun began.

Cara, Andy, and Theo were the first to arrive.  We met them back when we lived in Seattle; George introduced us because they are from North Carolina and we were thinking about moving to North Carolina...

The family is heading off to another Super Bowl Party.

Andy, we have your sunglasses!

In the background, you can just make out Lou trying to kiss someone else!



Our fabulous Chef John.

Full menu included:

Chip & 6 layer dip
Salsa & Guac
Veggie & French onion dip
9 appetizers
Lou's Chili
John's Gumbo
Black Russians
Full bar
and tons of other foods brought by the wonderful people you see here.

Irv and Allan
Do you think that Lou and Chaz are discussing the merits of the low humidity vegetable drawers or the Energy Star rating of this fridge? Or are they just checking the volume of liquid remaining in the Margarita Jug?

It was awesome to have Chaz back from Iraq!  Chaz just got back after spending many months building stuff in Iraq.  We missed him and are glad he is back in one piece.  We are so very grateful there are Americans like Chaz to help keep us safe.  Cheers to Chaz.

Charlie made a well felt toast to Chaz with this 40 year old bottle of Canadian whiskey he's been saving.  Nice work Charlie.


So serious! Who could Charlie, Karen, and Mo be listening to?

Earlier Karen had joked:  How do you know who in a room is a pilot? He'll tell you.


Michael, Melissa, Pat, and John scored excellent seats just minutes before the Super Bowl started.

Michael and Melissa baked an apple pie that disappeared just minutes after the first slice was made.



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