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Ross Ranch Projects


Check out the remodeled sun room over looking the golf course.


Laundry Room Cabinets

You would understand better why the cabinet starts high on the left if we had opened up the washing machine in this picture.

What do you NOT see in this picture?  Tubs of laundry soap! They are finally hidden away!  Yahoo!

Suffice it to say, this is exactly what Karen wanted. and she could not be happier.

In the future, we plan to paint the walls blue, and then the white cabinets will really POP in here.

Here is a little additional molding that got added on later
because the guy who did the install
scraped up the edge of the cabinets so that the laminate was chipped and unsightly.

Could not resist a hint of a crown molding.


Kitchen Trash Drawers

This was one of Lou's Christmas presents, if you can imagine that!

It is so nice to get the trash and recycling tucked away out of sight.

However, it took more than a month for Karen to stop walking into the laundry room when she had something to throw away.




Here is the new walkway with the dead old lawn.

It is pretty funny how the new concrete is so GRAY while the old concrete has already faded in 3 years to BONE.

Don't you just want to run up onto the porch and sit a spell?

If you were really really tired and had to lie down halfway to the porch, this is what you would see.



Lawn Project

Our old lawn was such a disaster. We decided to just start over from scratch.

We got some awfully lovely topsoil (shown here).

Lou chose Zoysia Zeon for the new lawn as something that would be drought resistant and beautiful. 

I will never forget that one water bill for $400!!!  Talk about a heart attack.

The new lawn arrived.

The entire lawn project took an amazing one day.


Lawn (Zoysia Zeon)

You have heard of the bird's eye view?

This is the ant's eye view.

Ain't she pretty?

Lou asked the guys to shorten up that side flower bed, and it looks mighty nice.


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