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January 26, 2013



Judy and Cary

Lou and Carol


Wine cocktails

Cheese appetizer

Sally Salad

Shrimp Scampi

Penne Pasta

Cherry Dump Cake

Judy and Cary

Judy was Karen's hospice nurse.  She cared for Karen with devoted love, respect, and dignity.  Judy will always be in my heart for as long as I will live.

Cary is an excellent guy.  His humor truly made the evening.  I thank him for his many stories that made us all laugh.

Jennifer is a hospice social worker.  Jennifer helped me a great deal before and after Karen's passing.  She allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings as I dealt with Karen's illness and dealing with Karen's passing.  Jennifer continued to help me long after Karen's passing as I struggled to move forward and dealing with input and comments from friends.  She helped me realize that only I know what I need and others primarily have an uninformed opinion.  You only know what it is like to go through the loss of a beloved loving spouse when you actually lose the beloved loving spouse.

My new bride and best friend.  Thank you Carol for all you have done.


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