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Christmas Day

Surprise!  I flew Karen's parents in for Christmas week.  Karen had no idea they were coming.  She was quite surprised to say the least.

Lots of presents from Santa.

Karen gets one thing and one thing only for Christmas.

TONS of China.

Pat amazed by all the pretty shiny china.

Omer struggles with all the sticky tape.

Karen wonders when it will all end.

Pat loves her purse holder.  Whatever that is.

I was not kidding about the china.

I think the total was 8 coffee cups. 6 salad / pasta bowls, and 6 bread plates.

Father and daughter prepare for Christmas dinner at Ross Ranch.  We are serving a 19 pound prime rib roast for 8 people.  Yeah, I ended up cutting off 7 pounds and freezing it.  Twelve pounds was more than enough for 8 people.


Doesn't all that china look lovely.  A wonderful Christmas dinner.

Yum.  A 12 pound 5 rib prime rib.  Was originally 19 pound 8 ribs. I thought that was way too big for 8 people.  So I lopped off 7 pounds and froze for another day.



2011 Christmas Card


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