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Dec 12, 2009



Chaz & Darleen
Mo & Gail
Bob & Gerry
Steve, Kim, and Fischer
John & Pat
Woody & Meredyth
Nick & Sharon
Craig & Ranae
Jane & Peter
Carole & Allen
Joe & Peg
Brent and Lori
Lou & Karen


The Christmas tree has 880 lights on it. Everyone tried to guess how many lights there were. Steve and Joe got the closest by guessing 850, but then Joe won in the final round and took home a box of Godiva chocolates.



Grandpa and grandson, with the family nose

Bob and Fischer

Steve had to wake up Fischer when it was time to come to the party. That afternoon nap must have been a good one because Fischer ran around for the entire 4+ hours. Here he is helping with the trash.


Joe cannot be trusted. He got Lou really good.

Pat, Peg, Jane, JOE, Allan

Craig, Sharon, Ranae, Jane, Peg

We first met Fischer when he was 5 days old (at the block party on Highland Creek Drive). Amazing that he is now 19 months old.

Fischer, Kim, Steve

Caught Chaz mid meatball.

Gerry, Chaz

Mo is trying John's amazing goat cheese and olive appetizer.

Chaz, Mo, Allan, Meredyth, Woody

The most lovely ladies live on our street

Pat, Sharon

Pat, Sharon, Gail

Allan got this close-up of Darleen's fantastic mice and brownies just minutes before the final mouse was eaten.

Pat, Carole, John, Joe

Three red heads

Karen, Darleen, Gail

Karen, Darleen, Lou, Gail, Spike (photo)

Woody, Meredyth

Lou started taking pictures after both Carl and Linda left.

They left early to take care of their loved one(s) sick at home.

Bob, Peter, Kim, Steve

How did Gerry manage to escape Lou and his camera? She appears only off to the edge in just a couple of pictures.

Allan, Gerry

These proud parents watching Fischer so something off camera.

Kim, Steve

At this point, it is pretty late and cleanup is occurring, which is why Karen has a baggy full of crackers. Thanks to all of the elves who helped clean up, especially Sharon and Gerry who were tireless.

Carole, Chaz, Karen, Mo

Woody is serving Irish cream, which is making several people Very Merry.

Mo. Carole, Nick, Woody

Whatever Carole is holding, Sam wants it.

Carole, Sam, Jane

The world outside.

The Christmas Flamingoes look very freaky in this picture, like other-worldly guard dogs.



2009 Christmas Party

Saturday December 12 at 5 pm


Hi all,

Please join us for our 2009 Christmas party. Join the festivities and enjoy plenty of yummy food, a few drinks, and Christmas joy.

Saturday December 12 at 5 pm

If you would like to bring something, one of the following are perfectly acceptable:

1. Dessert (brownies, etc.)

2. Appetizer

3. Your favorite drink

4. Christmas story

5. Joke

Please RSVP by December 9.

Look forward to seeing you all.

Merry Christmas


Who brought what:

Lou & Karen Meatballs
Red Beans & Rice
Shrimp cocktail
French bread
Veggie plate
Gerry & Robert Dean's Dip
Meredyth & Woody Irish Cream liqueur
Nick & Sharon Mozzarella Sticks
Steve & Kim Brownies
Craig & Ranae Appetizer
Peter & Jane Mini sandwiches
Chaz & Darlene Dessert
Allen & Carole Dessert
Carl Veggie platter
Joe & Peg Appetizer
Linda Wine
John & Pat Goat cheese spread
Brent and Lori


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