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Highland Creek 2008 Block Party



Lou & Karen Ross
Mo & Gail
Chaz, Darleen, and Paige Jutting
Andy & Marie Bahl
Frank, Janet, and Madelyn Scholle
Robin, Waylon, and Noah Parham
Steve, Janet, Ryan, and Alec Ferris
Chad & Danielle Cecil
Ryan and Morgan Bloomer (and family)
Bob and Gerry Federico
Kim, Steve, and Fischer Gilmartin
Dave, Kristen, and Natalie Goodwin
Paul & Rose Duffy
Trina, Dave, Will, and Lauren
Ayumi, Katya, et al Plewniak
Julie, Mark, and Ezra VanKuren
Jo and Paul Howard
Total Head Count = 50




Saturday May 3, 2008

The calm before the storm.
Steve, Janet, and Ryan were among the first to arrive.

They have offered to host the 4th of July party with fireworks.

At first, Mo was running for Mayor of Highland Creek, but by the end of the night, he had become El Presidente Mo.
Janet's old-style wooden wagon was loaded up with fabulous food.  Lucky for us, Janet used to own an Italian restaurant and it must have been a great one because she is one excellent cook.
Trina and Dave told Karen all about a ghost tour in an old Charleston jail.  Spooky!
Janet takes a break from chasing Madelyn and samples Zonda's fudge.
Baby Noah and Mommy Robin

You can see Madelyn in the background, running down the street with her father Frank chasing her.  Maybe that is why Robyn is smiling here: Baby Noah can't walk yet and so does not need to be chased around.

Steve (Steve's dad) has his back to us in this photo.

That's Paul in the foreground.  Later on, Paul would tell the story of how his kids' trampoline blew nearly all the way out of their yard during the last windy night.

Mo declares victory.

Blame the whole campaign on Lou's vast selection of beers.

Baby Fischer, 5 days old, already out and about, partying with Mom Kim and Dad Steve.  Word is, he already sleeps up to 5 hours at a stretch.  Lucky Kim and Steve!
It was a wonderful surprise to see new mother Kim and to meet Baby Fischer at the party.  She gets a lot of help from Gerry and Bob (her parents) who share the house.
Bob, Trina, and Dave



There be ghosts here!

Trina invited us all back to her house to see how photos of her back yard contain ghostly "orbs."  Karen's camera kept turning itself off, but she managed to get a few shots.

Not really sure if anyone saw any ghosts... The best part was seeing the major landscaping work being done in the yard.  Way to go Dave!  We want to have the party here next year.

Here is the tent thingie that houses the RV.  There does appear to be some kind of ball of light about midway up this picture, off to the right.  Can it be an early North Carolina settler who has never moved on?  "Carolanne, stay away from the light."
No orbs in this shot.
The brave group of ghost hunters
Ryan and Morgan were hoping to see ghosts.  Strange things have happened to them since they moved into the neighborhood, and they want an explanation.  Morgan looks scared, eh?  We learned that she usually falls asleep at 8:30PM so this was waaaay past her bedtime.


Waylon & Robin, Ryan & Morgan, Chad & Danielle, Paul & Rose, Lou & Karen, and Presidente Mo & Gail hung out till after midnight despite raindrops and repeated false alarms from Noah's baby monitor. Those who stayed till the end won't soon forget: "Brad" -- "What does that mean?" -- and the fact that Chad's storage shed will be the only thing standing in the entire neighborhood after the next hurricane.



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