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August 2 - 11, 2006
We spent 6 days in this mini van with 2 dogs.  Yeah baby!  We drove cross country, 500 to 600 miles a day.
The move begins with the 70 foot United moving van.  Unfortunately for these guys, they are not able to back the truck down my 125 foot driveway.


Frank backs this 70 foot truck onto a busy 2 lane road.

Hey guys, don't miss your ride.
Geez, move and people take your left over.  John uses Mr. Tractor to haul a very heavy bird bath.  Enjoy!

No idea what this is.

The puppies are so good.  6 days trapped in a mini van bored out of their minds.

As we drove through St. Louis, a quick shot of the infamous Arches.

Eureka!  The movers arrive at Ross Ranch East.

I feel much better now that Mr. Tractor is home and safe.




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