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09/12/2006 - 09/14/2006

Can you believe it?  We are actually sober in this picture.  Of course, that is not indicative of the previous evening.

Thanks for the visit buddy.

Eric gets ready to continue his voyage.  He drove from Seattle to Boston to take his youngest son's belongings to him.  Eric then decided not to head home but to drive around the county.  So from Boston he headed down the east coast stopping over at Ross Ranch East.
Thanks for Omer for taking these pictures.  Nice pic of the truck and house.

We showed Eric some fine eating.  We took him to Red White & Blue for some excellent southern BBQ and blues music.

We then took him to Karen's favorite establishment, Sushi Thai.  Quite good raw fish.  Quite a compliment coming from Seattle sushi nuts.

  After cruising the east coast, Eric is headed down to Florida to visit family.  After that, Arkansas, Arizona, and San Diego before heading back north to Seattle.

Quite a road trip.  Sounds like fun to me.



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