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Can't have a Christmas party without a Christmas tree.
This is what our Christmas lights look like after a few Margaritas.
Does Mo look bored?  Maybe he's thinking about his next great dog agility trick.
We stayed in the kitchen almost the whole time. From left to right:  Carole (partial), Gail, Alan, Charlie, Darleen, Karen 1, Karen 2, Andy, and Marie.

In the foreground, see the awesome fruit Karen brought over, with the top of the pineapple used for decoration.  It's like being on a cruise ship!

Chas was here for awhile, split to go to another party, and then returned at the end of the night.

Carole and Gail

We've got to think of a way to get Carole and Alan to move into the neighborhood because they fit in so well.

Marie and Andy

Notice the chocolate cake; Gail baked the cake, and Mo decorated it. What a team!

Now I know why my parents always take a photo of the food before it gets eaten.  Platters and bowls heaped with delicacies look better than those same platters and bowls after the ravenous wolves have eaten their fill.



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