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Saturday, November 28, 1998
The cast:

(From left to right)

Lynn McManus (Elvira)

Rich Bender (Wyatt)

Lisa Bender (Helena)

Lou Ross (Ellias)

Karen Ross (Adele)

Sally Cross (Butch)

Bob Cross (P'elvis)

Steve Bender (Chief) (not shown here)

mvc-008f.jpg (60691 bytes)
mvc-013f.jpg (60228 bytes) The notorious foursome, complete with wine and cheese.
Watch out for these four ladies, they didn't get where they are today by nice talk.  Seems like Butch gets around.  She is either shooting them up with the boys, or conspiring with the ladies. mvc-017f.jpg (59267 bytes)
mvc-002f.jpg (59449 bytes) Here Butch and P'elvis are being circled by the terrifying Molly the cow with her accomplice Sam the pony.
The most well known madam of the wild wild west, Elvira knows what men want and how to take care of her ladies.  She may look cute, but don't turn your back on this one. mvc-004f.jpg (52263 bytes)
mvc-005f.jpg (55115 bytes) Adele has lost 3 out of 3 husbands.  What could she possibly be thinking of right now?  Have a nice honeymoon Adele!
I told you there were 8 of us.  Here we finally see the eighth desperado better known as "The Chief".  Could the madam be conspiring her latest plot? mvc-014f.jpg (57897 bytes)


Now you have met the characters.  So, who got killed and who did the killing?

Don't expect an answer here.  You'll have to have your very own "Western Murder Mystery" dinner party to find out.




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