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Mr. Tractor is a John Deere LT 155. A 15 horse power mean machine. This fun toy comes with a 2 bagger grass catcher, a 1000 pound dump cart, and a 42 inch spreader. The LT 155 comes with an automatic transmission, 36 inch mower, and lots of fun bells and whistles.

Here Lou demonstrates the fine art of tractor driving. As you can see, he has not flipped over, barreled into the house, or killed innocent bystanders.


Yep, Lou actually rides the tractor and puts the tractor to good use. After mowing the grass, Lou takes Mr. Tractor for a spin around the ranch before heading down to the Safeway for his favorite brew.


Karen checks out Mr. Tractor and decides that this is an OK toy. She contemplates taking Mr. Tractor for a drag race down I5. Fortunately cooler heads prevail and she settles for a spin around the mall.


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