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This year's 4th of July fiesta was held on Monday July 3rd.  Why?  Cuz I like having the day after a party off so I can recover.



Jul04_01.jpg (27471 bytes) What is Chris thinking (left)?  As for Sharon, is she spaced out?  Are these 2 people having a conversation?  What's up with Sharon's shoes?
Its the Lynn and Steve show, yea!! Jul04_02.jpg (31006 bytes)
Jul04_03.jpg (19186 bytes) I'm glad someone uses my pool table.  I know I don't:-(  Marshall (left) attempts to show is powers basically cuz his sweetie is looking on.  Meanwhile, Bing (right) is not impressed.
Lindsey (left) a.k.a. Marshall's sweetie, Scott (center) a.k.a. the old man, and Marshall a.k.a. Scott's baby boy. Jul04_04.jpg (27403 bytes)
Jul04_06.jpg (29657 bytes) Here again Sharon is involved in a mysterious conversation.  Does any one know what is going on here?
John and Marylyn Bickley, the newlywed kids. Jul04_08.jpg (39448 bytes)
Jul04_09.jpg (34978 bytes) Amazing!  Bob and Sally always take an awesome picture.  What else can you say but  what a lovely couple.
Sparklers Single sparkler up close
Jul04_14.jpg (15908 bytes) John, what was this again?  This is the thing you hung from the tree and ignited.  You know, the one that brought down my 70 year old cedar tree;-)


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