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Saturday, February 14, 2004
The cast:

(From left to right)

  • Lisa Bender (Prissy Teene)
  • Stewart Sherwood (Del Toydes)
  • Deborah Sherwood (Dee C. Deucer)
  • Karen Ross (Penny Lofer)
  • Rich Bender (Rick C. Alcitrent)
  • Eirien Hart (E.C. Leigh)
  • Tim Hart (Joe K. Awledge)
  • Lou (C.Q. Layder)
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Click for large image Every family has one!  I'm sure you have one.  You probably have met quite a few of them.  Yes, this is our black sheep. 
What would a class reunion be without a cake.  This yummy sweet thing is chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and chocolate icing.

Courtesy of Hoffman's Fine Pastry and Bakery in Kirkland.

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Click for large image Tim and Eirien Hart.  A. K. A. Joe K. Awledge and E. C. Leigh.  Eirien came prepared with pompoms and graced us with a few Roley High cheers.  Tim with his bow tie is your stereotypical hard core business man.
Stewart and Deborah Sherwood (Del Toydes and De  e C. Deucer).  They look so happy don't they?  But I kind of wonder if she's thinking "I'm going to kill you when we get home for dragging me to this gig!" Click for large image
Click for large image "Stop woman!  Can't you wait until we get home!"

 Now, is Rich begging, or is he holding off Lisa's animal attack?

The things that woman puts up with.

Doesn't Prissy Teene look like she's ready for a sock hop?  One note from an Elvis song and she's off to the dance floor.

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Now you have met the characters.  So, who got killed and who did the killing?

Don't expect an answer here.  You'll have to have your very own "Class of 1954 Murder Mystery" dinner party to find out.



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