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Karen's first book is DONE!!!  To celebrate the great accomplishment, a party was held (of course) on Saturday, December 2, 2000. 


The Partiers
Eric and Rich The highlight of the party was the bonfire, where 3 authors burned hundreds of pages of notes, randomly reading sentences to the cheering crowd.

This was fun!!  Fire good ;-)

Here Eric and Rich admire the pretty burning fire.

Marie Marie Freidrichs, author of the as-yet unpublished international romantic thriller, Dead Saints Behind Glass.

Karen and Marie finished their books at the same time. 

The wonderful Jeanne Mehan
What the hell is Stewart doing with my woman?!  Of course once again, Stewart failed to show up with Debra.  I think Stewart just makes too much of a scene at parties.

Like them curtains?  Lou thinks they look like dish towels.

Karen and Stewart
Scott and Ellen Ah yes, the new couple.  Meet Ellen, Scott's babe.   Why are they in the laundry room you ask?  That's where the booze is.

Bet you $10 Karen obsessively tidies up those shelves before the next party.

Gee man, get a room. Lazy Boy
Steve, Rich, Lynn This picture launches Steve and Rich's careers as male fashion models.  Only serious offers will be entertained.
What the heck is that?!

This is what happens when you go to Costco and blindly grab any kind of frozen appetizers from the freezer.

Hey look at those cool new curtains.  We must be in the pool room.

Lynn, Steve, Karen
John Bickley Ouch, ouch, someone call 911.  John Bickley has a sword stuck in his head.

Notice the smile on John's face.  He's the kind of guy who always has a good time.



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