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Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Merry Folks

Rich, Lisa, Jeff, and Ryan
Steve and Lynn
Jeanne and Eric
Bob and Sally
Mia, Ron, and Sierra
Scott Meyer
Nancy Wojack


Thank you all for attending.  As always, it is not a party without you.


After many years of the traditional tree, this year we went artificial.  No more sap, needles, and hassle.  Meet our 10 foot Slim Swiss tree.  We love it!


The Festivities
Mia and one year old Sierra.
The gals from the east.  Karen and cousin Janet.
Eric, Nancy, Bob, Sally, and Santa Stewart.
The true queen of the Ross Ranch.

Molly lying on our hand made wool Turkish carpet that we dragged back from Turkey.

Stewart demos his awesome web site to Lynn.  One does wonder what is on his web site;-)
The Ross Ranch ladies:

Lisa, Karen, Jeanne, and of course, Sam.

Rich, Lisa, Lynn, Steve, Eric, and Scott.

Scott showed up after packing his moving truck for 7 hours.  He his moving all his goodies down to his estate in Silver City, NM.

Tiny Bob attempts to wear Stewart's size 13 shoes.  I think you can fit Bob in Stewart's shoes.
Sally models her newly received scarf.
Karen dreams of many mugs of coca.
Bob falls asleep standing up while reading this awesome book from the Library of Congress on the Declaration of Independence.
Lisa must be taking pretty pills.  Karen and I both think she is getting prettier as she ages.  This Christmas scarf complements her beauty.


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